Bars & Clubs

RetailPOS Advantage Point of Sale software targets bars & clubs with a simple yet powerful stock control system that allows stock set-up in real-world terms like mls (millilitres) and lts (litres) rather than the often-used fractional values.

  • For Bars & Clubs!
    For Bars & Clubs!
    RetailPOS Advantage works well within this industry too with multiple price levels (e.g. schooner or pint), happy hour and accounts (tabs).
  • Easy Stock Control!
    Easy Stock Control!
    RetailPOS Advantage features integrated and powerful stock control, and provides a quick & easy way of keeping an eye on your stock levels!
  • Easy to Use!
    Easy to Use!
    RetailPOS Advantage features an easy to use sales screen that lets you get the job done quicker!
  • Happy Hour!
    Happy Hour!
    RetailPOS Advantage features a sophisticated Happy Hour control with scheduling, percentage discounts/surcharges, dollar discounts, and price level shifting.
  • Flexible Security!
    Flexible Security!
    RetailPOS Advantage lets you easily control what your employees can and can't do with over 70 employee rights which make it harder for your staff to rip you off!

Features include:

  • Happy Hour (by price level or % discount)
  • Product Availability by day
  • Membership Rewards
  • Clubs (points, % discount or price level)
  • Real-Time Stock Control and Stock Transfer/Adjustment including by location
  • Stock Receivable
  • Stock Wastage
  • Different sale screen modes and product/menu configurations for each each location, and sell at different prices, but linking to the same database
  • The ability to set your prices by mark-up, margin, sale type, price level, date and time specials
  • In-House Gift Vouchers with expiry date
  • Promotional Vouchers for a specific product with an expiry date
  • Live Sales Viewer (office)
  • Graphical Table Layout for Restaurant and direct sales for Bars with Bistro Style Ordering (order and pay, or order and pay when everyone has ordered, then print the whole order at once to the kitchen for that table)
  • Total staff control options
  • Surcharges, discounts, item discounts, and product specials (with automatic start and end date/times)
  • Accounts (with account limits)
  • Over 100 reports including Stock, Stock Value, Stock Cost, Stock Profit, Stock Loss, Stock Take, Stock Reorder, Stock On Order, and Stock Received

With ten report categories and over 100 reports in total (full version only), you have complete control. You can also export sales data to accounting programs such as Xero and Intuit QuickBooks. Reports include:
  • end of day
  • individual and all till summaries
  • periodic reporting
  • best to worst sales
  • hourly by department sales
  • product listings
  • products never sold
  • stock listings
  • stock locations
  • employee sales
  • customer listings
  • customer account balances
  • bookings
  • vouchers

To discuss your particular business requirements, please don't hesitate to contact your nearest dealer.

For Queensland call Malcom of Gold Coast Point of Sale on 0419 715 503. For New South Wales call Joe Gasper of EMS Systems on 0447 645 491. For Western Australia call Barry of IncrediPOS on 0487 458 339. For Nothern Territories call Bryan of Darwin Business Machines on (08) 8947 0111. For South Australia and all other areas contact our friendly team on (08) 8363 2988. You can also contact us via e-mail on


or in person at 121 Payneham Road, St Peters, Adelaide, South Australia.

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