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  • An Easy to Use Sales Screen ...
    An Easy to Use Sales Screen ...
    RetailPOS Advantage boasts a flexible and powerful sales screen that lets you get the job done fast! You can even change prices from here, mid-sale!
  • ... In Different Languages!
    ... In Different Languages!
    RetailPOS Advantage lets you present the sales screen to your staff in their chosen language and can even print out to the kitchen in a different language!
  • Powerful Security!
    Powerful Security!
    With RetailPOS Advantage you can control what your employees can and can't do! You decide how much access you want to give them to the system.
  • Integrated Web Store!
    Integrated Web Store!
    RetailPOS Advantage integrates with the free NopCommerce e-commerce solution which allows you to take your business to the web!
  • Monitor your Staff!
    Monitor your Staff!
    RetailPOS Advantage can notify you when your staff cancel sales, perform no sales (open the cash drawer), make pay outs or issue refunds depending upon the amount of cash involved.
  • Customer Marketing.
    Customer Marketing.
    RetailPOS Advantage allows you to stay in touch with your customers by sending them marketing information through e-mail and SMS text messages.
  • Flexible Security!
    Flexible Security!
    RetailPOS Advantage lets you easily control what your employees can and can't do with over 70 employee rights which make it harder for your staff to rip you off!


RetailPOS Advantage Point of Sale software is the best-value point-of-sale with a feature-packed quality system, with features (that other providers call extras) that are designed and developed right here in Adelaide. The easy-to-use smart sales screen ensures your staff can easily use and navigate their way around.

RetailPOS Advantage also boasts about its high performance and stability with the assurance of automatic backup printing and off-line mode to ensure your business keeps trading. There is built-in Customer Loyalty, Membership, Rewards, Offers (simply perfect for pizza bars!), Specials, VIP Discounts, Happy Hour, Vouchers, Customer Marketing through SMS/E-mail, Integrated Web Store, owner SMS/E-mail Alerts to keep an eye on your staff, and much more!

Total System Control
You can quickly and easily change the price or add new products to the system from any terminal, even while serving a customer. And the changes will automatically flow through to all other terminals in seconds. But only if you have the correct staff rights to do so!

Total Staff Control
Every action in the sale screen is totally controllable by employee rights or system settings with over 300 control settings available to ensure your system works and is used the way you like.

Customer Loyalty
RetailPOS Advantage. Customer Loyalty allows you to reward and market to your customers.
Customers can easily join up at any point of sale terminal and instantly start earning Reward points, Members-only specials, discounts and access to member’s prices. Each product sold can be individually assigned a Reward point value and expiry date. As points become close to expiring our system can notify your customers about their
soon-to-be-expired points via email or sms. They can also be notified as they earn points.

Customer Marketing SMS & E-mail
A way to market and keep in touch with your customers, such as sending an email or sms to all customers, only those who came in on a specific date, have not made a purchase for a given number of days, from specific suburbs, or having a birthday soon and much more.

Integrated Web Store
RetailPos Advantage has its own built in web store where you can configure products that are sold online. Potential customers can join your Loyalty programme online. Any purchases made will be shown on your pos system as an online sale and any production dockets will automatically be printed.

Owner SMS/E-mail Alerts!
Send yourself alerts if any staff or specific staff do no-sales, cancelled sales, refunds or payouts over a certain dollar amount.

MultiStore Head office
Flexible options of running a live centralized database or each store as stand-alone with a centralised Customer Loyalty database. Either way, the system is a smart system and will keep working even if head office is unreachable. With RetailPos Advantage you gain greater business knowledge and control of menu layouts, products, pricing, promotions, accounts, laybys, stock, employees, reporting and marketing to your customers.


With ten report categories and over 100 reports in total (full version only), you have complete control. You can also export sales data to accounting programs such as Xero and Intuit QuickBooks. Reports include:
  • end of day
  • individual and all till summaries
  • periodic reporting
  • best to worst sales
  • hourly by department sales
  • product listings
  • products never sold
  • stock listings
  • stock locations
  • employee sales
  • customer listings
  • customer account balances
  • bookings
  • vouchers

To discuss your particular business requirements, please don't hesitate to contact your nearest dealer.

For Queensland call Malcom of Gold Coast Point of Sale on 0419 715 503. For New South Wales call Joe Gasper of EMS Systems on 0447 645 491. For Western Australia call Barry of IncrediPOS on 0487 458 339. For Nothern Territories call Bryan of Darwin Business Machines on (08) 8947 0111. For South Australia and all other areas contact our friendly team on (08) 8363 2988. You can also contact us via e-mail on


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