Customer Loyalty

RetailPOS Advantage Point of Sale software also features an advanced customer loyalty system to reward your customers for their patronage and to keep them coming back for more!

Our point of sale enables you to retain information about your customers, such as basic details like their name, address, phone number etc as well as record sales information against them which can then be reported on.

This information can be used to entice your customers back with the lure of a free coffee for every ten coffees they purchase, for example. You can also reward your customers with points that are earned when they make purchases. These points are worth $s and can be redeemed by the customer in a later sale. You could also tempt your customers back with free gift vouchers worth $s when they spend more than a certain amount.

Because a full customer history can be retained, you can use the in-built marketing system to contact those customers that have not made a purchase in so many days or those whose points are about to expire, plus many more criteria.

RetailPOS Advantage provides these abilities so you can squeeze the most profit out of your business!