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RetailPOS Advantage Point of Sale software supports these additional languages:

  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Korean
  • Vietnamese
  • more languages can be added

The default language for printing to the kitchen and for each employee is English but this can be quickly changed to one of the above languages.

This gives the software the flexibility to allow:

  • English-speaking staff to use the sales screen but have orders print out in the kitchen in a different language.
  • Orders can also be simultaneously printed out in English plus another language.
  • Different staff to log-in to the sale screen and be comfortable using their own language or it can display both English and a chosen language simultaneously.
  • Even the back-end of the software is translated as well.

An internet-connection is generally required for this feature as translation is done dynamically. Note that not all words can be translated or will correctly translate into a foreign language as not all English words are translatable.






To discuss your particular business requirements, please don't hesitate to contact your nearest dealer.

For Queensland call Malcom of Gold Coast Point of Sale on 0419 715 503. For New South Wales call Joe Gasper of EMS Systems on 0447 645 491. For Western Australia call Barry of IncrediPOS on 0487 458 339. For Nothern Territories call Bryan of Darwin Business Machines on (08) 8947 0111. For South Australia and all other areas contact our friendly team on (08) 8363 2988. You can also contact us via e-mail on


or in person at 121 Payneham Road, St Peters, Adelaide, South Australia.

Or via the contact form below: