Sales Screen

RetailPOS Advantage Point of Sale software boasts a flexible and powerful sales screen that lets you get the job done fast!

Menus are used to categorise sale items (such as mains, desserts, drinks etc). Items added to a sale can be quickly edited or trashed, and condiments (such as extra chilli) can be easily added to main items (garlic prawns) at any time, even if you’ve added many more items to the sale since. This is especially ideal for pizza bars where the customer can often change their mind about what toppings they want on their pizza. Prices are automatically calculated as the sale progresses.

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If the products are set up correctly in the database, items can be added to a sale by simply scanning their barcode. This also means that they do not have appear on any menu, thus reducing clutter from your menus.

The sales screen also features a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get, pronounced wiziwig) menu designer that lets you lay out the menu the way you like it knowing that it will look the same when you actually put sales in. If the software is running on a Microsoft Windows tablet, the same layout will be adhered to meaning that it will be familiar to all staff that use it.

The price of an item can be changed from within the sales screen, either for that particular sale item or global wide (subject to employee security rights).

Each menu and every item within the menu is customisable, including the button colour.