Stock Control

RetailPOS Advantage Point of Sale software has a feature-rich stock control system and allows a one-to-many relationship to be established between stock items and the products that you actually sell. e.g. you could set up a stock item for a carton of beer and three different products so you can sell the contents of the carton of beer as either an individual bottle, a six-pack or the entire carton. Alternatively you could set up one product with three distinct price levels, one for each of the bottle, six-pack, and carton, that map to the stock item.

There is also a simplified set-up procedure for the sale of bottles of wine (for instance) where you might sell a glass of wine or the whole bottle. Instead of working in fractions, only the size of the bottle in mls and the size of the glass in mls needs to be specified.

Stock can also be managed for ingredients that are part of a product, such as the ingredients used in a sandwich or roll. When the main item (the sandwich) is set up, the ingredients used to make the sandwich can be listed. When the sandwich is sold, the ingredients deduct from stock automatically. If the ingredients are changed at sale time (for instance, if the customer doesn’t like tomato), the stock will also be correctly updated.

There is also a simplified system for stock adjustments, ordering, receival and payments of stock (in the full version) as well as a more advanced purchase order system.

Barcodes can also be printed for your stock items and scanned in the sales screen for selling to a customer.